6 Ways to Help Puerto Rico & the Dominican Republic in the Aftermath of Hurricane Fiona

It’s extremely difficult to sit back and watch what’s happening in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic…and not feel the overwhelming desire to lend our support. Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic have declared states of emergency after Hurricane Fiona forced residents out of their homes due to power outages, floods and landslides.

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Since there’s only so much we can do from afar, we compiled a list of six ways to help Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, no matter your location. While there are endless charities to choose from, these picks can serve as a starting point as you begin your own deeper research. Keep scrolling for details.

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1. Global Giving’s Relief Fund

Global Giving has launched the “Hurricane Fiona Relief Fund” to “meet survivors’ immediate needs.” The goal is to raise $1 million for supplies and other necessities.

2. Puerto Rico VOAD

VOAD stands for “Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.” There are currently 25 recovery groups scattered across the island—you can directly donate to the members on the official website.

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3. Stronger than Maria

The nonprofit was created by Myriam Lorenzo after the 2017 hurricane. The charity is requesting PayPal donations to fund supplies ranging from mattresses to drinkable water.

4. Hispanic Federation

The organization has been providing emergency relief services to communities across Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The company’s statement read, “Because Puerto Rico is still rebuilding from the damage of Maria, the flooding and power outages caused by Fiona are already far more severe and life-threatening than they should be.”

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5. Direct Relief 

Direct Relief is an organization that provides medical supplies to health care providers. “The government and the power company worked hard to reestablish power in critical areas, such as the medical center, where we call Centro Medico in Puerto Rico,” Dr. Michelle Carlo, medical adviser for Direct Relief of Puerto Rico, told PBS NewsHour, “which is the only tertiary hospital in the island.”

6. Somos Puerto Rico

If you want to give back and help the locals, consider purchasing something from Somos Puerto Rico. It was created by a group of artisans who have agreed to donate a quarter of their earnings to charities like Stronger Than Maria.


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