Watermelon Cakes Are Summer's Most Refreshing Trend

To us, the dog days of summer mean one thing: watermelon. Is there any other fruit that embodies the season better? Think about it: The sun is shining, you’ve got juice dribbling down your wrist and not a care in the world.

And sure, you could serve your melon in wedges…or you could stack them into a whimsical, festive “cake” and watch everyone ooh and ahh. It’s our favorite food trend for barbecues, beach days and backyard dinners. Luckily, we’ve found plenty of inspiration so you can make your own watermelon cake at home. Behold:

Layered with peaches and berries, this is the epitome of summer.

Image: A gorgeous fresh watermelon layer cake, courtesy of Wife Mama Foodie.

watermelon cake trend
Apron Strings Blog

It’s always July Fourth in our hearts.

Image: A festive fresh fruit watermelon cake courtesy of Apron Strings Blog.

watermelon celebration cake
Miss Marzipan

This belongs in a museum. Now…our backyard, or yours?

Image: A stunning watermelon celebration cake courtesy of Miss Marzipan.


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