Last Night's Episode of ‘Riverdale’ Introduced a Brand-New Couple

reggie riverdale season 3

Sorry, Archie Andrews (K.J. App), Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) is long gone and moved on.

The midseason premiere of Riverdale, titled “Chapter Forty-Four: No Exit,” aired last night on the CW, and while the main focus was on Archie’s unnecessary hallucinations, we couldn’t take our eyes off the new couple that emerged: Veronica and Reggie (Charles Melton).

Early in the episode, Reggie was attacked by a group of masked men after getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. The moment was brief, but Veronica nursed him back to health, considering she’s the reason he was jumped in the first place.

Fast-forward to later in the episode, and Veronica is seen making out with Reggie in a montage at La Bonne Nuit.

With Archie bunking in God knows where, can you really blame her?

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