Venus Williams Says Being an Aunt to Sister Serena's Daughter Is the Easiest Job

venus williams and serena williams play tennis

When it comes to aunt responsibilities, let’s get real for a second: The role is pretty amazing. You get all of the fun, without any of the discipline.

If you ask Venus Williams—who is aunt to sister Serena Williams’s daughter, Alexis—she 100 percent agrees.

Her favorite part about the role? “Honestly, I love that the job is easy,” she explained during an exclusive chat with PureWow while promoting her partnership with Clorox and its disinfecting wipes ahead of cold and flu season. “All I have to do is show up and be a fun aunt. I don’t really have to do any discipline.”

Still, when Venus does sense that the limits are being tested, she admits: Boundaries are hard for her to set with her adorable niece. “It’s very difficult to say no,” she laughs. “She wants me to turn on the TV. It’s not time for TV. She wants snacks and I’m like, how do I say no to this cute little person? I always say: ‘Did you ask your mom if you could do this?’ [Alexis] always runs a scam on me.”

But, given that her niece is just two years old, she adds: “It’s her job to run scams at this age.”

We couldn’t agree more. After all, who run the world? Toddlers. Without a doubt.

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