Sit, Stay, Stamp: USPS Is Releasing a Stamp Collection to Honor Military Dogs

You know you’ve finally made it when your likeness is on a postage stamp. Birds? Check. Trucks? Check, check.

Military working dogs, you’re next: The United States Postal Service just announced it will honor the hardworking breeds who have served in the the armed forces since World War I.

The Fido-approved stamps will feature four common military breeds: the German shepherd, the Labrador retriever, the Belgian Malinois and the Dutch shepherd. (And they’re “forever” stamps, so you can hoard ’em in your desk drawer until you KonMari your office and find them five years later.)

Each stamp will depict the breed atop a patriotic white star, with either a blue or red background. They’ll be available in booklets of 20 stamps.

According to CNN, an estimated 2,300 military working dogs serve on U.S. bases worldwide, performing often-dangerous assignments alongside their human counterparts. The canine advantage? Super-sensitive noses and a convenient body size for performing searches and rescues.

Dogs: We so don’t deserve them…but we’ll sure as hell put them on our snail mail.

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