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Solomoons Are the New Honeymoons and They’re…Weird?
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You’ve planned your wedding, said your vows, schmoozed with relatives. Now comes the best part: vacation.

Except that…the latest trend in honeymooning isn’t honeymooning at all. It’s solomooning.

Yep, some newlyweds are taking their own post-wedding trips. Alone. Also called “unimooning,” solomooning has even gotten coverage in The New York TimesWe’ve got to say, it’s kind of strange. Isn’t going on a big trip together part of the fun? Where else would you gossip about what happened at your reception?

In fairness, we can think of a few situations where a solomoon might make sense. Can’t decide on Greece or Hawaii? Can’t take off work at the same time? Future husband is a chronic snorer?

But according to Kinsey Institute research fellow Helen Fisher, it might be a bad idea. She told The Times, “When couples take vacations together, they can trigger all three brain systems: romantic love, feelings of deep attachment and sex drive.” But psychologist Lisa Marie Bobby also told The Times that individualization is a sign of a healthy relationship. Plus, we know people who got married a year ago and still haven’t planned their honeymoon. (Cough, cough, us.)

So…to honeymoon or solomoon? (Maybe do both?)

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