Tyler Cameron Confirms He’s Not Dating Hannah Brown in New Instagram Live

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Calling all Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown stans: We hate to disappoint you, but Cameron just revealed that he is very much single. 

On Tuesday, the 27-year-old participated in an Instagram Live with some (screaming) fans. Of course, the group of girls wasted no time asking him the question that has been on everyone’s mind, “Are you dating anyone?”

Without hesitation, and accompanied by a flirty smirk, the model revealed that he is, indeed, single. "No. I'm not dating nobody," he responded. 

Cameron isn’t the first to announce the big news. The 25-year-old beauty queen actually told fans she was not dating anyone days earlier when she hosted a Q&A session on her personal Instagram account. While discussing whether she wants to have children (in the future, of course), Brown confirmed that she’s single. “I don’t…you have to have a significant other for that,” she said. “And I don’t.”

The news might shock some fans since last month, we learned that Brown and Cameron have not only been hanging out, but they were also self-isolating together at one point. 

Although the two are clearly not dating, they seem to have a pretty strong friendship, even participating in their own Instagram Live last week (did you catch the former Bachelorette trolling her runner up?). 

So, we’ll never say never. 

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