Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron Just Took Things To the Next Level: They’re Sharing Clothes on TikTok

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are taking things up a notch in their relationship.

The 25-year-old former Bachelorette and her 27-year-old former (or present?) flame are practicing social distancing in Cameron’s native Florida and are passing the time by raising some eyebrows…and being pretty entertaining.

It all started when the former couple and their friends (Matt Jones included) started a TikTok account called @TheQuarentineCrew. Among their very engaging set of videos is one gem that shows Cameron and Brown doing the “Flip the Switch” challenge, popularized by J.Lo and A-Rod.

The clip begins with Brown and two other women dancing in the mirror and laughing.

When the flip switches (the screen goes black, for those who aren’t TikTok fluent), we see that Cameron has replaced Brown at the front of the group of three and is wearing her pink sweatpants and black crop top. Of course, he still looks extremely handsome.

The best part of the video, however, is the caption: “BREAKING: Tyler finally got into Hannah’s pants.” Oh, boy.

For those unfamiliar, the caption references Brown’s decision on The Bachelorette to forgo a visit to the fantasy suite with Cameron because she felt that her physical attraction to him was clouding her judgement of their relationship. (Makes sense.) It also pokes fun at the fact that fans have been speculating whether the duo is moving toward a romantic relationship. Clearly, they’re spending a lot of time together and Cameron even picked her up from the airport, which is totally a boyfriend move.

The question remains: Are they dating or not? We really can’t tell.


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