Tracee Ellis Ross Looks Like an Early '00s Pop Star in These Throwback Modeling Photos

Tracee Ellis Ross just got a shout-out in a new song, and she decided to celebrate the moment with some radiant throwback pics.

The reference was courtesy of rapper Tyler, the Creator, who released his sixth studio album, Call Me If You Get Lost, this weekend. One of the tracks, “Safari,” included a mention of the Black-ish actress.

Ross shared the lyrics in an Instagram caption, which said, “I been switchin’ gears since Tracee Ellis Ross was UPN.” The lyrics refer to the broadcast television network, United Paramount Network (UPN), which was the station that aired Ross's TV show Girlfriends, until the network merged with WB to become the CW in 2006.

In the rest of her caption, Ross made a cheeky allusion to the rapper's album title, saying, “Tyler, I was lost. And I called like you asked! I wish you had answered but I imagine you are getting a lotttt of calls today [laughing emoji]. Congrats on an incredible album. So proud of you. Love, Dad.”

Along with the caption, Ross decided to pay homage to that time period by digging up some photos from her years as a star on Girlfriends. The actress shared two photos from a promo shoot, where she is seen rocking a sparkly blue, spaghetti strap top and black flare jeans. (And we have to say, Ross looks like she belongs on the cover of a pop music album.) The last photo in the slideshow is a picture of Tyler, the Creator's new release.

While we were obsessed with the throwback pics, others showed their excitement too, like photographer Quil Lemons, who said, “BEEN THAT GIRL!!! Forrreal.” One user had obviously been waiting for Ross to mention the shoutout, as they said, “I WAS WAITING FOR YOU TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THE TYLER ALBUM. I LOVE ITTTTT.” Meanwhile, plenty of users were eating up the nostalgia, with one writing: “Love going back to 2000s pics.”

You've always been an icon, Tracee.

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