Tracee Ellis Ross Isn't Afraid to Rewear This Lime Green Coat (and We Totally Understand Why)

Fashion queen Tracee Ellis Ross is proving (yet again) that her sense of style is unmatched.

The Black-ish star posted two videos on Instagram and, instead of sporting the typical, neural-colored winter jacket, the actress opted for a bold, lime-green Balenciaga coat. Even better? Ross is determined to wear it as often as she possibly can. Talk about relatable.

Along with her post, Ross wrote, "My mama always said if you’re going to spend money on clothes, then take care of them and use them a lot. I use this @balenciaga coat A LOT."

Adding a shoutout to Balenciaga's creative director, she also said, "I love you @demnagvasalia."

In the first clip, which appears to be a throwback Christmas video, Ross turns the street into her personal runway and struts in the snow with her bright green coat (from Balenciaga's Fall 2019 collection), complete with matching lace-up Moon Boots ($115). With a wide grin, she says, "Merry Christmas! How are you today? I just woke up and threw this on, it'll be my first of many outfits for the day."

Meanwhile, the second clip shows Ross wearing her favorite statement coat with brown boots and a silky, dark green ensemble. Underneath the top, she also reveals a bright green bra to match her stylish coat.

On Sunday, Ross accepted her (well-deserved) Fashion Icon Award at the 2020 People's Choice Awards. In her acceptance speech, she joked, "Tracee, do you take fashion to be your lawfully wedded wife? I do, I do! I cannot thank you enough for validating my shopping habit."

And we can't thank you enough, Tracee, for blessing our timeline with your epic fashion looks.

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