Tracee Ellis Ross Shares Extremely Rare Throwbacks of Her Father on Instagram

Tracee Ellis Ross is treating fans to another rare glimpse of her father—and it looks like she inherited more than his bright smile.

The 48-year-old actress honored her dad, Robert Ellis Silberstein, on his birthday by posting a series of throwback photos and old clips of their best moments together. She wrote, "Happy 50th Anniversary of your 25th Birthday Dad. I know you didn’t want me to tell everyone that but you are the most vibrant and joyful human I know and I love being your daughter. I love you soooo much and I can’t wait to hug you and laugh with you in person as soon as it’s safe [heart emoji] @bobellis333."

Although Tracee is literally a carbon copy of her mom, Diana Ross, these pics prove that she also bears some resemblance to her dad. One fan commented, "Everyone says you look like your mom until you show the pics of your dad. Best of the both of them."

Two snaps feature a younger Tracee cuddling with her dad, while the final photo reveals their matching smiles. As an added treat, the actress also gave fans a glimpse of her father's personality by adding a short clip—and it's clear to see where Tracee gets her quirks and mannerisms.

In the video, Tracee's dad sports a bright smile as she asks him where he's headed. He responds by saying he's off to the gym, and when Tracee proceeds to compliment his style and how fit he looks, he straightens his posture with a grin and says "Thank you."

Of course, this isn't the only time that Tracee has shared a glimpse of her father. Just weeks prior, she posted a never-before-seen selfie that included her dad smiling with his eyes closed. She wrote, "Open your eyes, Dad! And I miss you! Looking forward to hanging out soon."

Keep these father-daughter moments coming, Tracee!

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