We Finally Know (Kinda) if Tormund Survived That White Walker Attack on ‘Game of Thrones’

actor kristover hivju aka tormund giantsbane on game of thrones

Attention, Tormund Giantsbane fans (aka everyone). The fate of the best beard in the Seven Kingdoms has been revealed and it is major.

Quick recap: The season seven finale left us with a whole lot of questions. Will the King in the North try to take the Iron Throne? What will happen to the Army of the Dead? And will Jon and Dany keep doing the deed once they find out they’re related? (Answer: Probably.) But the most pressing question of all: Did Tormund survive the attack on the Wall?

Apparently, yes.

Actor Kristofer Hivju was spotted at a season eight table read, which leads us to believe (and pray to the gods old and new) that he will indeed be back in all his gruff, wilding glory.

Which is pretty awesome news since we’re very into Tormund and Brienne of Tarth’s potential love affair (think of the “giant babies”). Not to mention how Tormund is basically our ultimate GoT crush. Sorry, Jon Snow (we’ll leave you to your incestuous ways).

Sure, there’s a chance that Tormund’s season eight role may be limited to flashbacks, but that’s not really GoT’s style (that’s more Bran’s thing). Besides, Tormund deserves so much more than an off-screen death. What he deserves is true happiness with Brienne of Tarth, but we digress.

Who wasn’t at the table reading? Actor Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion). But we’re hopeful that he, too, survived the attack on the Wall. We mean, with a $15 million per episode budget, that’s enough to keep all the actors in the show, right? Pretty please? 

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