Things Are Looking Very Grim for Tormund Giantsbane’s Future on ‘Game of Thrones’

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s make one thing clear: We’re basing our facts off of HBO’s recently released Game of Thrones posters. Numbering 20 in all, the promo posters depict each major remaining character sitting on the Iron Throne…except Tormund Giantsbane (Kristofer Hivju). WTF, HBO?!

So does this mean Tormund doesn’t make it to season eight? Did he die on the wall when it crumbled to the ground under the reanimated (ice) dragon Viserion in the finale of season seven?

It’s highly possible, considering his character is left out of the 20 posters, while B-squad characters that went “Beyond the Wall” with Tormund (Joran Mormont and The Hound, for example) are included. Even Greyworm and Missandei get a chance at glory on the Iron Throne…and there’s literally zero chance that actually occurs.

“But, wait!” you say. “They showed Tormund in a new Game of Thrones season eight trailer...therefore he must still be alive, right?!” That’s where HBO could’ve tricked us. See, a lot of that footage is actually from seasons six and seven, since we see the wall crumbling down just as it did in the season seven finale. Tormund is also not in any of the 14 new promo images for the show that were released three weeks ago, even though his (future) girlfriend Brienne of Tarth is.

“But, wait!” you say again. “He’s listed in season eight, episode one credits” (as one raven-eyed Redditor pointed out). So…perhaps he did make it, or maybe he appears as a flashback.

Either way, we’re hoping Brienne of Tarth shows some concern. And, are we moving too quick? Because we’re shipping Jaime and Brienne starting…now. (#Sorrynotsorry.)

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