Is Your Engagement Ring Ethical? Tiffany & Co. Wants You to Know *Exactly* Where Your Diamonds Are From

You know the three C’s: Cut, color and clarity. But do you actually know anything about the diamond you’re about to buy?

Tiffany & Co. wants to change that. The 182-year old brand just announced its “Diamond Source Initiative,” a program that will identify for buyers the provenance (aka the region or country) where their diamond was mined. By 2020, customers will even be able to know where it was cut, polished and set—that’s pretty much unheard of in the industry.

(A refresher: Diamond sourcing is kind of a big deal. You’d probably think twice before buying an engagement ring if you knew it was produced using child labor…or to finance terrorism. Think of it like buying cruelty-free eyeliner, but like, on a much bigger scale.)

So starting today, Tiffany & Co. diamonds of .18 carats or larger will include a laser-etched serial number (don’t worry, it’s basically invisible) that provides the deets on its sourcing.

Considering Tiffany & Co. sold more than $500 million worth of diamond engagement rings in 2017, the move is definitely paving the way for smaller brands to follow suit. The New York Times says it’s an effort to appeal to younger buyers. Conscientious diamonds? What’s not to like?

Tiffany & Co. Released a New Engagement Ring Cut, and We’re All Like, ‘Hint, Hint’


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