Scheduling Snafu: ‘This Is Us’ Will Return Later Than Expected

Welp, this is frustrating.

After the heart-wrenching big reveal that Uncle Nick (Griffin Dunne) is alive in season three, episode 11 of This Is Us, we’ll now have to wait another two weeks to watch how things pan out for the Pearsons in “Songbird Lane: Part 2.”

Why? Well, This Is Us was initially slated to return with the second installment of the episode on February 5. And the State of the Union was originally scheduled to air on January 29 during the series’ time slot. However, because of the government shutdown, the SOTU has been postponed until February 5. Yep, exactly when we were supposed to find out how Nick will adapt to having a family.

Because of this switch-up, we’ll have to wait until February 12 (which feels like 3,000 years away) to check back in with the Pearsons.

But this game of musical chairs air times doesn’t just impact our weekly TV viewing schedule, it’s going to throw off our next few months of television consumption. First, the season three finale of This Is Us is now set for April 2. That also means bad news for NBC’s upcoming drama The Village, which was slated to take over the This Is Us time slot this spring. Now, the series will air on March 12 at 10 p.m. PT/ET and will take over the This Is Us spot on April 9 at 9 p.m. PT/ET.

In related news, New Amsterdam air dates will also be affected. The show will take an additional week off in March and April and will rejoin the NBC schedule on April 9 and continue until its finale on May 21.

Phew. You got all that? (Good, because we’re totally confused.)

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