Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a Shirtless ‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Reading Love Poems

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Game of Thrones fans can feast their eyes on the hunky actor who plays The Mountain on HBO’s hit show.

Not only is he shirtless…he’s also reading love poems…in his thick Icelandic accent…while in front of a fire…with a glass of wine soda…

It’s all too much.

Granted, it is an obvious ad for Soda Stream, which accepted submissions for the poems. And these poems are honestly pretty good. 

Javier Sierra wrote: “Lannisters are red, white walkers are blue, and on this Valentine’s Day, I give all of Westeros to you. From the Wall to the north, and through the Iron Islands, On this Valentine’s Day, you bring me smiles.”

Give this dude a writing gig, HBO.

The Mountain is feeling the love. The actor, Hafthor Björnsson, recently got married in October to Kelsey Henson. The 6-foot-9 groom and 5-foot-2 bride married in his native country of Iceland.

In a recent interview with Mashable, Björnsson said that season eight was “the hardest season I’ve filmed for Game of Thrones.” It was also the first time he had to have a stunt double do some of his parts (basically because they were so damn grueling).

“All the seasons prior to this season that we just finished filming, I never had stunt doubles. I always did everything myself,” Björnsson said. “But the last season I filmed, the season that hasn’t been shown on television, I had a stunt double there.”

Just wondering: Did Cersei approve this time-off from bodyguard duties to film the Soda Stream commercial? That seems very un-Cersei.


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