Jenny McCarthy Thinks She Knows Who the Frog Is on ‘The Masked Singer’ But We Respectfully Disagree

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Last weekwe had to say goodbye to Elephant (who turned out to be Tony Hawk) and this week, we said hello to guest judge and comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

Tonight, episode five continued to stump the judges as Group B took the stage for playoffs and, of course, there was another shocking reveal. 


First up, we started with Banana who gave the audience more clues about his country roots. So, of course, he performed “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus (pretty well we might add). The judges guessed Billy Bob Thorton, Ed Helms and Larry the Cable Guy (wait, what?!). Mouse came out strong and revealed that she spends time working in NYC and loves sitting down with a good romance novel. Next, the Frog gave us the clue “CSI” and told viewers, “Not every frog wants to be a Prince.” Did we mention he chose to perform 50 Cent’s “In da Club?” Jenny McCarthy is positive it’s Alfonso Ribeiro, which honestly isn’t a horrible guess. 

the mouse

Taco is back, baby. His clue package indicated he could possibly be dating (or married to) someone from a sci-fi franchise and he wears a hairpiece? All we know about this contestant is that we loved his performance of “Bossa Nova Baby.” Finally, Kitty hit the stage and sang “Mercy” by Brett Young, but not before revealing that she loves to draw and sew. And yes, we still believe it’s not Liz Gillies. Kitty’s performance this week definitely had the judges confused—with their best guesses being Millie Bobby Brown and Sarah Hyland. 

Unfortunately, the Mouse was sent home and was revealed to be Dionne Warwick. The bright side? Looks like the judges are two for five. 

the frog1

Guys, we’ve been thinking about it since last week, but after tonight's episode, we definitely believe we know who the Frog is...Bow Wow. According to his first clue package, this dapper amphibian "lept to stardom as fast as a lightning bolt," though he has never had a chance to do things his way. In the short clip, we also saw a bag of leftovers, a poster for the 1996 Olympic games and $106 dollars.

Hear us out here. Bow Wow (formerly Lil' Bow Wow) has been in the music industry for years. He also rose to fame quickly, releasing his first album when he was just 13. Bow Wow's second album was entitled “Doggy Bag,” which could possibly be related to the leftovers bag. Not to mention, he’s from Atlanta, where the 1996 Olympic games took place. He also hosted 106 & Park. This week's episode only fueled our theory, with his hints being CSI (Bow Wow was on CSI Cyber) and another basketball reference (think Like Mike, people!!).

So, the only issue with our prediction? His voice isn’t a spot-on match for the young rapper. However, we totally think he’s throwing his voice here. If they mask their face, why not mask their voice, right? 

The Masked Singer returns on Wednesday, March 4, at 8 p.m. PT/ET on Fox.