‘The Masked Singer’ Fans Think They Figured Out Who Kitty Is, But We’re Not Convinced

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Last week we said goodbye to Miss Monster and hello to a theory about who exactly we think the White Tiger could be (*cough cough Rob Gronkowski*). But tonight, episode four introduced us to Group B and, sadly, ended in another elimination. 

the frog

We started the night off by meeting the Frog (who could clearly dance and sing to “Can't Touch This”). He said he shot to stardom fairly quickly and one of his clues showed a poster of the Olympics. The Elephant followed with another impressive performance and claimed he’s a “one-man show” who has even paraded through white houses (interesting). And the judges’ best guess was Lance Armstrong. Third up was the Kitty, who said she’s ready to start from scratch and even threw a rose in as one of her clues (um, a possible Bachelorette reference?!).  

banana masked singer

We continued the night with the Taco who has been in the industry for decades and has some kind of link to San Francisco. Oh, did we mention he can really (and we mean REALLY) sing? Next up, the Mouse also brought her A-Game with some serious vocals and an emotional (and elegant) performance. Of course, the round ended with the infamous Banana, who seems to be the most confident of tonight’s bunch. Staying with the country theme from his first promo, his clues included a cowboy hat, lots of partying and a reference to the rodeo. 

In the end, Elephant was sent home and was unveiled to be none other than...Tony Hawk.  


And now that episode four has come to a close, we are left thinking about one character and one character only: Kitty. 

The internet has been sleuthing and theorizing about this character since her first promotional video was released and have landed on one star who seems to be a good match—Elizabeth Gillies. Not to go against the grain here, but we have to respectfully disagree. Allow us to explain. 

We’ll start off by saying that Liz Gillies isn’t a bad guess at all. In fact, she actually fits a lot of the criteria. The Kitty chose to sing Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman.” Gillies is actually an ex-Nickelodeon actress who starred alongside Grande in the hit show Victorious. Even before that, the two were on Broadway together in a show called “13”. So, the Kitty’s choice of song definitely could be a tribute to Gillies’s dear friend. But...we’re not convinced. That seems to be the only tie between the two and that just seems a little too obvious.

There are other major clues to consider that don’t exactly fit the 26-year-old. First let’s look at Kitty’s eyes—one is yellow and the other is blue. So, maybe our celeb has heterochromia (which Gillies does not). Another major clue was the fact that the character said "I am being somebody that nobody has ever seen before, and it's always been inside of me. So it's great!" Gillies’s entire career has been about music and being on stage, so that quote also doesn’t fit. And finally, there’s the rose reference in her clue package, which honestly, still has us stumped. 

Listen, we’re not exactly sure who Kitty is, but, sorry internet, we’re just not sure that Liz Gillies is our girl. 

The Masked Singer returns on Wednesday, February 26, at 8 p.m. PT/ET on Fox.