Taylor Swift Crashed a Couple’s Engagement Party with a Live Performance—Watch the Video

Guys, we figured out why Taylor Swift wasn’t at the Oscars with Joe Alwyn. She was crashing engagement parties throughout L.A. (Just kidding, kind of.)

The backstory: When Alexander Goldschmidt proposed to boyfriend Ross Girard on Saturday, he had the surprise up his sleeve. But according to The New York Times, Swift’s publicist reached out to Goldschmidt—not the other way around.

And apparently, Swift and Goldschmidt go way back (all the way to 2014). He told The Times how they met at an Ed Sheeran concert: “I had tweeted—and I didn’t even tag either of them—that I wanted an Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift duets album. Out of nowhere, Ed responded to me. We ended up DM-ing, and he told me he’d get me backstage at his next concert. When I went backstage he grabbed me a beer and said, ‘Have you ever met Taylor?’” Yeah, this happens to us all the time too.

Long story short, he ended up as a dancer in Swift’s “Shake It Off” music video; they kept up on social media. And after he emailed her about his plans to propose (you know, thanking her for her years of relationship advice), her publicist planned the surprise, which took place at their already-a-surprise engagement party.

In the now-viral video on Instagram, Goldschmidt prefaces the event, “There is one secret I didn’t trust any of you with. I would like to welcome my friend Taylor” before Swift enters the room and serenades everyone with an acoustic version of “King of My Heart.” (In the post’s caption, Goldschmidt notes, “I decided to propose to Ross listening to this song in my car.”)

This isn’t even the first time Swift has played wedding crasher: In June 2016, she crashed a small wedding in Long Beach Island, New Jersey, performing a piano version of “Blank Space.”

We don’t know about you, but we’d be kinda pissed if somebody stole the limelight like that at our our nuptials. But kudos to Mr. Goldschmidt on keeping a secret like that.

Katherine Gillen

Senior Food Editor

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