Um, Did Taylor Swift Just Announce She’s Engaged? Fans Seem to Think So…

In addition to her music, Taylor Swift is also famous for her carefully calculated Easter eggs. With each album she releases, comes a barrage of hidden messages and clues. Her new album, Lover, is no different. The 29-year-old Grammy winner revealed she used numerology and cryptic hints to leave fans special messages in her music. Thanks to an Instagram post she shared yesterday, fans are convinced one of them has to do with her relationship status.

It all started when, in celebration of her brand-new Vogue cover, Swift shared an Instagram photo of herself in a blue silk dress with a caption that left fans flummoxed.

“My heart’s been borrowed and yours has been blue. All’s well that ends well, to end up with you,” she wrote. Her caption, of course brings to mind the wedding adage about something borrowed and something blue.

Naturally, fans immediately assumed the Cats star was alluding to her and her boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, being engaged.

But it wasn’t just her caption that left fans curious. As one eagle-eyed fan pointed out on Twitter, there also appears to be a small string tied around her finger. 

As Twitter user @__britt__c mentions above, the string may indicate that she and Alwyn, 28, are planning to “tie the knot.”

Of course, since the album is called Lover, they could just be the lyrics to one of her songs. The thing is, you never know with Queen of Secrets Taylor Swift.

Now we wait.


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