This Sugarfina Candy Collab Has Us Looking Forward to Valentine's Day (For Once)

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If there’s one good thing to come out of Valentine’s Day, it's the onslaught of heart-shaped, sugar-coated treats we can’t help indulging in. But let’s be honest: No one does holiday-themed sweets better than the luxury candy brand Sugarfina.

In honor of February’s upcoming holiday, the candy connoisseur teamed up with party planning extraordinaire Darcy Miller to create an exclusive collection available at The Carousel @ Bloomingdales.

As part of her limited-edition Celebrate Love Collection, you can find these adorable treats at the Love Ispop up shop in stores and online at Bloomingdales now through March 4. Packaged in the signature Sugarfina lucite boxes, the candies include sugar gummy lips, pink gummy diamonds and Champagne gummy bears. Each candy cube is adorned with a Darcy Miller original illustration and V-day shout-outs like “Be Mine” and “Hey Sweetie!” Still bitter about the lack of Necco’s sweetheart conversation hearts this year? Tell your S.O. how you feel with one of these instead.

Secret admirer, if you’re reading, please send some our way.

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