Good News & Bad News: Conversation Hearts Are Absent This Year…but We Have an Alternative

krispy kreme conversation heart doughnuts

Remember last spring when candy company Necco went out of business? You probably didn’t think twice about it because, to be honest, Necco wafers are the favorite candy of no one. But Necco is (er, was) responsible for the ubiquitous Sweethearts conversation hearts. And this year, the beloved Valentine’s Day treat won’t be on shelves. (Is there a heart that says, “SAD 4EVER”?)

Wipe your tears, though. Necco was purchased in an auction by Spangler Candy Company (of Dum Dum fame). And while the lead time wasn’t enough to produce this year’s hearts, the company plans to have them back in production for Valentine’s Day 2020—a momentous year if there was one.

And since we love solving problems, we have an alternative in the meantime: doughnuts. Krispy Kreme is debuting its Valentine Conversation Doughnuts to fill the sugary void in your soul.

The heart-shape pastries are emblazoned with both classic and modern phrases (i.e., “BE MINE,” “ALL THE FEELS” and “DM ME”) and come in four filling flavors: cake batter, strawberries and cream (or “Kreme,” rather) raspberry and chocolate.

The festive doughnuts will be available starting Wednesday, January 30, through Valentine’s Day. (And FYI, Krispy Kreme rewards members can get a free heart doughnut on February 6 with any purchase.) DM us when you have a dozen. XOXO.

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