Never (Ever) Wear a New Coat Without Doing This

woman wearing a camel coat

You bought a fabulous new camel coat and you got it on major sale. Win-win. Before you take it out for a spin, make sure you don't fall victim to a totally common outerwear faux pas and remove the "X."


You know the little "X" that’s stitched in the back of blazers, jackets and coats (between the slit of fabric at the bottom)? Did you know you’re supposed to cut it off when you take your topper home from the store? Well, you are.

The "X" is there to keep pieces from getting wrinkled en route to stores and while sitting on the racks (fair), but they serve no purpose once your garment is safe and sound in your closet. Not only does it look weird if you leave it on, but removing it will also allow your coat or jacket to move more freely and sit on your body more naturally.

So, snip it off (carefully) with a small pair of scissors, and go show off that gorgeous new coat, you little fashionista, you.

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