Starbucks Is Now Selling a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew (and We’re All Like ‘PSL Who?!’)

pumpkin cream cold brew

It's time to welcome fall with open arms, especially now that pumpkin spice is involved.

Starbucks (the true king of pumpkin spice lattes) is gracing us with a new drink to obsess over: the pumpkin cream cold brew. The coffee drink is mixed with vanilla syrup and topped with a pumpkin cream cold foam and pumpkin spice. It comes a whopping 16 years after the infamous PSL (aka the company's most popular seasonal drink to date) arrived on the scene. 

For die-hard coffee aficionados, this may just be your gateway into the pumpkin spice craze. Cold brews are often less sweet, but with a strong coffee taste, which is the complete opposite of the milky, sweet taste of the classic PSL.  

The latest beverage launched on August 27 across Starbucks stores with the rest of their fall menu (hello pumpkin cream cheese muffins).

The PSL might have a new rival, but there's plenty of room for a little pumpkin spice competition in our lives. 

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