Stanley Tucci Issues Apology to Tequila Lovers for His Creation of ‘Ginloma’

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On Instagram, Stanley Tucci, 62, recently shared a cocktail tutorial video with his followers, where he created his version of the classic drink, the Paloma. However, the recipe was largely met with angry comments and backlash by tequila enthusiasts. And as a result, the actor and filmmaker made a fun apology video.

Earlier this month, The Devil Wears Prada alum shared his personal Paloma recipe with the world. In the video (see below), Tucci starts with a cup of gin (yes, that’s right), grapefruit juice, lime juice and agave. 

Then, he puts all of the ingredients in a shaker. Once he’s done, the actor pours himself a glass and enjoys the cocktail outside.

So, why all the fuss? You see, many tequila lovers felt that the Citadel star showed disrespect towards the Paloma’s (normally) main ingredient, tequila.

For instance, one person wrote in the comments section of the video, “Tequila Stanley! Not gin.” Another wrote in all caps, “GIN?!”

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Upon seeing the negative remarks, Tucci released an apology video on his personal Instagram page. “So, I looked at some of the comments on the last cocktail I made, the Paloma,” he says in the vid. “I’m sorry to have upset you. I should have been more clear—I did that because I like it with gin.”

Tucci went on to say that he did try making the Paloma with tequila, but he didn’t care for it. So instead, he proposed that he should give his cocktail its own name: the “Gin-loma.”

In the comments section, his apology was met positively by fans. For instance, one person wrote, “It’s okay Stanley. Speak your truth.” Another follower tried coming up with their own name for the drink, writing, “The Ginucci.”

See? No harm done.

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