SolaWave Just Released a Brand New Device—and It Can Reportedly Stop Acne in Its Tracks

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Oops, SolaWave did it again! The cult-favorite beauty brand that brought us the light-therapy wands that celebs like Reese Witherspoon have been obsessing over just released its newest device, and it’s perfect for those who struggle with acne. Introducing, Bye Acne! This tool claims to help spot treat and supposedly clear up trouble spots, from minor breakouts and hormonal bumps around that time of the month (IYKYK, ladies) to cystic and under-the-skin acne.

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So how does it work? Think of this tool as a combination of SolaWave’s red light and blue light therapy wands in one small compact (and extremely cute) device—it’s the best of both worlds. Use this spot treatment anytime, anywhere, by placing it over the freshly washed and dry blemish area and pressing the “on” button. It’s as simple as that! Hold the device over your pimples for three minutes, and the device will automatically turn off when the timer is up. Once that spot is complete, you can move on to another area of your face.

If you aren’t aware of the benefits of blue light and red light therapy, fret not. Studies show that blue light therapy, like the type found in SolaWave's wand, aims to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and the appearance of blemishes while also keeping your facial oils in check.

A study published in Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery found that red light therapy, on the other hand, travels deeper beneath skin to target inflammation and stimulate collagen production by waking up your fibroblast cells (these are cells that contribute to the formation of your skin's connective tissues) and getting them to secrete collagen proteins naturally.

When we tried the regular SolaWave wand, we found that problem areas, such as dark under-eye circles and wrinkles between the eyebrows, showed improvements in appearance just as little as a few weeks!

Besides helping us to say good-riddance to blemishes in just three minutes, this new version is compact enough to fit in your chic, new handbag. Plus, it’s esthetician-approved, science-backed and FDA-cleared, so you can breath a sigh of relief knowing that you’re treating your skin with the right stuff. 

What’s more, the LGBTQ+ owned brand will be donating $25,000 of Bye Acne sales to True Colors United and FOLX Health HRT Care Fund when you buy the limited-edition color, periwinkle, to support LGBTQ+ youth for the month of June.

The $99 rechargeable device, now on sale for $79, also comes in the color charcoal for those wanting a sleek, darker look.

Go snag yours and start zapping those zits!

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