Sofía Vergara’s Major Fail on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Involved Cracking a Walnut…in a Creative Way

Sofía Vergara deserves an honorary “Good Sport” award after this brand-new episode of America’s Got Talent.

Last night, the popular competition series kicked off season 16 with another round of auditions. During one of the acts, Vergara was asked to help a contestant named Mr. Cherry, who holds the world record for cracking the most walnuts using only his butt. (Yes, you read that right.) Although it was a major failure for the Modern Family star, she was a total trooper.

The clip begins shortly after Vergara is called up on stage and tasked with cracking a walnut using her butt cheek, as suggested by fellow AGT judge Heidi Klum. The actress immediately gets in the zone, climbing on all fours and asking for direction.

“Which side is your strong butt?” says Mr. Cherry’s assistant, Chikki. To which Vergara responds, “I don’t know. I’ve never thought about that.”

Despite her lack of experience, Vergara hovers over the walnut before slamming her hip into the shell, which doesn’t budge one bit. “It really hurts,” she says. The video concludes with Vergara returning to the judges table as she rubs her bum.

Klum apologizes for egging her on, saying, “I’m sorry I suggested that.” Meanwhile, Howie Mandel says what we’re all thinking: “You think you bruised yourself?” Vergara states the obvious, “Oh, for sure.”

She captioned the post, “Both butts are strong…but not strong enough!! The nut wins this round.”

If it makes Vergara feel any better, we don’t know which side of our butt is stronger either.

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