The ‘Snoot Challenge’ Is All Over Instagram, but Is It Safe for Your Pup?

Dog owners, remember the “what the fluff” challenge? It’s officially been ousted as the pet-centric Instagram challenge du jour (and your dog is super happy, by the way). Say hello to the “snoot challenge.”

Basically, dog owners are making circle shapes with their hands, beckoning all the good boys and girls to place their noses through the holes. And while it makes a damn cute social media stunt, the snoot challenge actually requires some training and coordination—so it’s trickier than it looks. 

If you haven’t already seen the trend on your feed, searching #snootchallenge on Instagram will lead you to almost 8,000 videos of dogs sticking their snoots snouts into their humans’ hands.

We know you’re wondering, though: Is this actually safe for my pet?

As long as you’re gentle and don’t hold your hands too tight, doggo should have no trouble breathing through his or her nose. (And don’t try the challenge if you know your pooch is anxious about small spaces or made uncomfortable easily.)

In fact, the snoot challenge can be a good way to bond with your dog (and teach him new tricks).

But, uh, make sure he’s cool with posting it first.


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