What Is ‘Slow Lit,’ and Is It the Secret to Falling Asleep Fast?

You already get your news, laughs and true crime through your headphones. Why not sleep, too?

According to Well+Good, a new solution to getting your z’s might be “slow lit”: super-boring bedtime stories delivered straight to your ears through podcasts. 

These podcasts cleverly resort to a combination of dull content and even duller intonation to lull you to sleep. Take Sleep with Me, a series that covers everything from in-depth Game of Thrones analyses to a recap of movies you’ve probably seen six times (i.e., Pirates of the Caribbean). Or there’s Sleep Whispers, a two-fer of sleep lit and ASMR.

Truth be told, the concept is nothing new. Sleep with Me has been around since 2013…and your history teacher in high school was an expert.


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