Simone Biles Just Played ‘Never Have I Ever’ with Fans & It Was *Extremely* Revealing

Simone Biles just used her well-deserved free time to play Never Have I Ever with fans, and nothing was off-limits.

On Wednesday, the 24-year-old Olympian asked her followers to write in questions for the game on her Instagram Story to which she would reply honestly. After a few hours, we’d definitely learned a lot.

The gymnast revealed that she’s previously walked out of practice “a couple of times,” has six tattoos, has never cheated on a test, has never snuck out of her house, accidentally walked into the men’s bathroom (recently in Cabo), has had two surgeries, has gotten a speeding ticket, has never been in a fight, has never smoked a cigarette, had four German Shepards growing up and has been on three cruises.

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And while those facts were incredibly interesting, there were a few others that really stood out to us. For instance, we had no idea that Biles broke her rib while on her official tour following the Olympics.

“I actually broke my rib on the 2016 gymnastic tour right after the Olympics,” she revealed. “As soon as I landed the Biles in one of the shows I immediately felt it ‘crack.’ I couldn’t breathe but I continued the rest of the show. I believe we had just under two weeks of tour left.”

In addition, the champion also admitted that she had never cheated on a significant other, including her boyfriend Jonathan Owens. “Too loyal and way too obsessed,” Biles wrote in her answer before adding, “Probably been cheated on though, who knows.”

We’re hoping for a round two in the not-too-distant future.

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