Simone Biles Corrects Stranger Who Asks Why She 'Quit' Gymnastics

If there's one thing Simone Biles will not tolerate, it's false rumors about her career.

On her Instagram Stories this week, the 24-year-old Olympian held a Q&A session, where she encouraged her followers to ask random questions about her life, career and recent engagement to Jonathan Owens. But when one misinformed follower inquired about her decision to "quit" gymnastics, she had quite a bit to say. The stranger asked, "Why quit [your] career of gymnastics?" To which Biles replied, "If one day I decide to be done with the sport, it will be 'retired.'"

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The seven-time Olympic medalist also acknowledged a few of her career highlights, adding, "I go to five Worlds, two Olympics...The disrespect..." She added a sweating laughing emoji to show that things were all in good fun.

If you recall, the gymnast withdrew from portions of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 to focus on her mental health, which spurred rumors about her quitting the sport. But in a candid Instagram post, she set the record straight and wrote, "This Olympics doesn’t erase the past accomplishments I’ve achieved, nor does it define who I am as an athlete. I’ve pushed through so much the past couple years."

She continued, "The word 'quitter' is not in my vocabulary. For some of you, that may be how you define me, but keep talking, because I can’t hear you over my seven Olympic medals, which tied me for the most decorated gymnast EVER, as well as most decorated American gymnast." *Mic drop.*

So yeah, it looks like Biles has no intention of retiring from gymnastics anytime soon. But we imagine that the athlete is now busy with planning her upcoming nuptials. When one fan asked about her wedding during the Q&A, she said, "Wedding planning has been going well so far, it's so exciting for me. I'm obsessed. I don't think I'll be a bridezilla because I'm making sure I know exactly what I want."

We'll be waiting patiently for more wedding details.

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