Sheet-Pan Stuffing Is Our New Favorite Way to Hack Thanksgiving

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Ahh, stuffing. There’s no point in denying that it’s one of the best parts of Thanksgiving dinner (Amiright?).

Traditionally, stuffing was stuffed inside the turkey cavity while it baked. That’s until someone realized that it was a whole lot easier and less messy to just spread it out in a casserole dish with a bunch of butter.

We’re here to alter the course of stuffing history yet again with a brilliant new cooking technique: sheet-pan stuffing. 

Because a sheet pan has more surface area than your casserole dish, more stuffing gets crispy, making for a crispy-to-soft ratio that’s basically one to one. Or, in other words, a golden ratio. 

To whip some up, prepare your stuffing just like you would for the casserole dish, but spread it out in your trusty baking sheet instead and dot the top with butter. Pop it into the oven and bake until the top is browned and the edges are nice and crispy. Voilà!

Julia Turshen tipped us off about the sheet-pan technique in her new fabulous cookbook Now & Again. For a full recipe, check out her sheet-pan stuffing with sausage and spinach (then invite us over).

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