Seth Rogen Tried to Meet Beyoncé & Had an Awkward Run-in with Her Bodyguard

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Beyoncé must have some tight security around her, and Seth Rogen learned this the hard way.

Rogen and Beyoncé starred together in the 2019 remake of The Lion King and the two met at the movie's premiere in July of 2019. However, Rogen tried to meet his co-star at an earlier event and it apparently did not go well.

The Pineapple Express star told E! News's Daily Pop that he saw Beyoncé talking with Gwyneth Paltrow once at the Grammy Awards and he walked over to meet the singer-songwriter. "I charged over. Instinct took over," he said.

But his efforts to meet the former Destiny's Child member did not end well. "I was hit so hard by her security guard that I spilled a drink," Rogen confessed. "I was drinking a screwdriver, which is a bad drink. I got what I deserved...I was humiliated and I didn't get to meet Beyoncé." When Rogen later took to stage to present an award, he had to hide the spill on his tux with his arms.

When the 39-year-old actor finally did meet Beyoncé at The Lion King premiere, he took a much different approach. He told Jimmy Kimmel, "So I was wary of going near her because I look like someone who you would want to keep away from Beyoncé in general. I waited for her to approach me, which they teach you. She was very nice and my beard actually got stuck in her sequin a little bit. If you look closely, you'll see some gray hair on her shoulder."

Rogen recounts the story and many other private Hollywood moments in his new memoir Yearbook, which is available across booksellers now.

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