Serena Williams Walks the Dog in Hot Pink Stilettos (of Course)

Once again, Serena Williams proves she’s a superior human in all ways.

The 39-year-old tennis champ turned a regular old dog-walk into a fashion runway, donning a pair of hot pink stilettos to take her pooch for a stroll (or so it appears from her recent Instagram post).

As for context, Williams left no caption or explanation for the photo or fashionable getup. We suppose she doesn’t need one; she’s a 23-time Grand Slam winner and can pretty much do whatever she wants.

However, she was gracious enough to tag the brands that made up her ensemble, which included her eponymous clothing and jewelry lines, Serena and Serena Williams Jewelry. As for the heels? They’re from Stuart Weitzman and they’re currently on sale. (Williams was named global spokesperson for the brand back in May.) Oh, and her dog looks pretty cute too.

Williams has been serving (heh) up looks quite a lot lately. Most recent looks include a pair of red knee-high boots (also Stuart Weitzman, and worn poolside), and an elegant white bikini paired with a cape, because why not?

Meanwhile, we’re still sitting on the couch in the same sweatpants we wore yesterday and the day before…but at least we have the option of owning the same pair of stilettos as an Olympic athlete.

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