Serena Williams Just Ushered in a New Era of Bike Shorts

Between her catsuit and tutus, no one has pushed the boundaries of tennis fashion more than Serena Williams. The 37-year-old 23-time Grand Slam winner upped the style ante yet again at a Nike Queens of the Future event yesterday alongside fellow tennis stars Maria Sharapova, Naomi Osaka and Sloane Stephens. 

Williams arrived on the court wearing a white Nike Air tank (here’s a similar one on sale for $25!) and a royal-blue-and-white color-block windbreaker with a yellow tartan print flourish and red-and-blue stripe. She paired the look with colorful Nike sneakers and wore her hair natural and smoothed into a side part. The part of her outfit that spoke the loudest, however, was that pair of electric blue bike shorts.




Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Although bike shorts have risen to prominence in the street style world, they have yet to make a real splash on the tennis court. Williams, naturally, is setting the trend. She first wore bike shorts during a charity badminton match against Rafael Nadal way back in August 2018 and she has also famously worn them under her Virgil Abloh x Nike US Open tutus.

The exact outfit Williams wore to yesterday’s event isn’t available, but Nike does have some pretty cute pastel-and-black bike shorts ($45) that are similar in cut…if you’re into that sort of thing.

The resurgence of bike shorts has been a polarizing one (although not as much as high-heel flip-flops), but Williams makes a strong case that these ’90s relics might just be here to stay.