Seinfeld Legos Are Happening (so Serenity Now, Everyone)

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Thirty years ago, Seinfeld, the "show about nothing," premiered and introduced comic Jerry Seinfeld and a cast of neurotic New York neighbors to America. The show has wildly impacted our culture: from spawning a generation of high-concept TV comedy to introducing sayings like "yadda yadda." And now, it's launched a toy: the Seinfeld Lego set.

Classic Danish toy company LEGO just announced it will produce a 900-piece set evoking the '90s sitcom with an accurate recreation of Jerry's Upper West Side Manhattan apartment. It will also release 5 mini-figures: comedian Jerry Seinfeld, bespeckled best pal George Costanza, friend Elaine Benes, eccentric neighbor Cosmo Kramer and Jerry's mailman antagonist Newman.

The concept was dreamed up by Australian video game designer Brent Waller, who apparently knows what plastic-loving adults want, since he also thought up the Ghostbusters Lego set. Last year, Waller submitted the concept to the LEGO Ideas platform and, per the company's crowd-sourced ethic, once 10,000 other fans voted for it, the project was green lit. Next, a seasoned LEGO designer will evolve the fan design proposal to become an official set you can order, date to be announced.

While it may seem odd for a toy company to be memorializing a show devoted to adult situations like waiting in line (as in "The Chinese Restuarant" episode) or masturbation (see: season 4's "The Contest"), this is not the first sitcom to take center stage: Big Bang Theory and Friends have also had official sets released. And there's an 18+ label in case you're worried that this will wind up in the hands of some little tyke that just doesn't get deadpan humor.

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