Bullying, Racism, Anxiety—Scholastic's New Instagram Account Provides Book Recs to Help You Discuss Tough Topics with Kids

As much as we want the world to be free of injustices, anxieties and other not-so-easy things for kids, the reality is quite different. Raising aware, empathetic children has never been more important, and a new Instagram account is here to make these difficult conversations just a little easier.

In honor of its 100th anniversary, Scholastic just launched @scholasticbookshelf, an Instagram account that provides book recommendations and expert answers on how to talk to kids about difficult topics like neurodiversity, homelessness, anxiety and more. 

According to the account's first post, "For the past 100 years, Scholastic has provided stories that help kids make sense of the world and themselves. From stargazing to soul-searching, the Scholastic Bookshelf is here to help navigate life’s big questions through the power of storytelling." The hundred-year-old publishing, education and media company interviewed teachers, parents and experts to uncover the biggest, toughest issues kids face today and addressing them head-on. 

For each topic, the account features one story and includes information about other books for kids of all ages. The 'anxiety' topic, for example, features an excerpt from Guts by Raina Telgemeier, a book about growing up and gathering the courage to face—and conquer—your fears. (We could've used that one a couple decades ago.) 

Books really do make everything better. 

sarah stiefvater

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