Sarah Ferguson Shares a Throwback Pic of the Queen & She Looks So Much Like Princess Charlotte

The Duchess of York is honoring Queen Elizabeth with a rare throwback photo as she celebrates her historic milestone this weekend.

On Instagram, Sarah Ferguson shared a black-and-white childhood pic of her former mother-in-law, praising the monarch for her "kindness" and "selflessness" throughout the years. She wrote, "How inspiring to see the country united in celebration of your extraordinary dedication to duty and service and steadfastness. You embrace all that you do with kindness and selflessness and this is the finest example. Thank you Your Majesty."

Countless fans added their kind words of support, but several others also took notice of her uncanny resemblance to her great-granddaughter, Princess Charlotte.

The throwback pic shows a younger Elizabeth embracing her dog, and though she appears to be looking down, it's impossible to miss the similarities to Princess Charlotte. One follower pointed out, "Her Majesty and Princess Charlotte look like twins." Another chimed in, "Wow! I see Charlotte in this photo!"

In case you need proof, check out this pic of the 7-year-old royal, who shares similar features with the queen, including her eyes and nose.

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This isn't the first time we've noticed the resemblance between Her Majesty and her great-granddaughter. Back in 2021, when Prince William and Kate Middleton shared a family photo on Instagram, fans immediately called out Princess Charlotte’s likeness to the queen. One person said, “The older Princess Charlotte is getting, the more she is becoming like Queen Elizabeth.” Another commented, "Charlotte is queen’s double!"

Ferguson's heartfelt tribute not only prompted fans to call out her lookalike great-grandchild, but also, it led to an outpouring of praise and support from fellow admirers of the queen. One fan wrote, "The life of our Queen is a gift to our nation. She is an incredible woman, consistent, placid, stoic and always the ultimate professional. God bless her…we love her and wish her all the very best."

We're guessing the queen's features aren't the only thing that Princess Charlotte will inherit from this legendary royal.

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