Kylie Jenner’s Fave Wine Brand Just Launched Mini Bottles of Rosé—and They’re Darling

Kylie Jenner is no sommelier (that we know of—the girl does keep us on our toes), but we are looking to her for our next wine select. 

ICYMI: Kylie Jenner 'Grammed herself relaxing in a white one-piece bathing suit and sneakers and socks (???) in June, sipping Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, which retails for about $23/bottle. This wasn't #SponCon like Jenner's usual product posts, though. In fact, she tried to disguise the label by turning it away from the camera, but internet sleuths (via Marie Claire) obviously figured it out.

But in even more exciting news, the beloved Jenner brand, Santa Margherita, just launched two mini-bottle varieties that mimic their regular-size versions, and they're absolutely delightful. One is a sparkling rosé and the other is the brand's iconic Prosecco Superiore DOCG, both in the travel-friendly 375-mL bottles. (Yes, we will obsess over anything in miniature form.)

And now, with these little poppable pink bottles, which can be used for bachelorette or bridal party gifts or stowed away in a handbag for easy park or movie theater imbibing (not like we'd ever do that), we might be pulling a Jenner and enjoying some Santa Margherita ourselves this summer.

Swimsuit, sneakers and socks not included. 

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