Sandra Bullock Makes Rare Red Carpet Appearance with Her Sister in a Show-Stopping Ombre Dress

Sandra Bullock turned heads at her latest red carpet appearance—all thanks to her stunning ensemble and a very special guest.

The 57-year-old actress recently attended the premiere of her latest film, The Lost City, and stepped out in a ruffled pink ombre dress by Elie Saab, complete with a plunging neckline and a gravity-defying split. Bullock completed the outfit with a black blazer and matching heels, but her stylish ensemble isn't the only thing that caught our attention. The star brought her little sister, Gesine Bullock-Prado, as her date.

gesine bullock prado and sandra bullock
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Gesine, a well-known chef and TV personality, is all smiles and donning a black, V-neck dress with matching shoes. Though she hasn't joined her sister for too many red carpet events in the past, it looks like the siblings are thick as thieves.

As for why they don't have that many public pics together, Gesine explained that they prefer to keep their personal lives private. While chatting with The Guardian about their relationship and upbringing, Gesine said "We were raised in such an unusual way that we were taught to be relatively private people. I have friends and we're close. But when you are very private, family becomes more and more important. They are the only ones that you want to share certain things with."

She continued, "Our age difference made it impossible to be chummy when we were younger. I was a pest, an annoyance of a younger sister. No girl in her tender years, navigating through the trials of puberty wants her annoying geek of a little sister hanging about. It wasn't until I got older that the age gap disintegrated. Once I was in high school, we became genuinely close."

In the past, Sandra has also shown her support for her baby sister on a few occasions. In fact, back in 2018, she surprised Gesine on the Today Show by stopping by to help her out with the cooking segment. As they prepared to make cherry pie, Sandra confessed, "She promised to teach me for my birthday and she never did because of my children. So, we'll make something today."

Now that the star is taking a step back from acting, we imagine they'll have plenty more opportunities to cook together. (Fingers crossed we get to see some of that footage on Gesine's Instagram page.)

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