So, Ryan Seacrest Split His Pants and Showed Major Leg on Live TV

We all know Kelly Ripa is funny, but apparently, Ryan Seacrest’s pants couldn’t handle her sense of humor.

Earlier today, the media moguls were interviewing Julianne Moore on their morning show, LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, when Seacrest’s leg could no longer contain its case of the church giggles.

Poor Seacrest’s pants ripped right along the seam as he cracked up laughing. (Everyone’sbulging quads need to come out for air once in a while, amirite?) Rather than conceding to utter mortification, Seacrest proudly owned his faux pas and posted a photo of it on Twitter to shamelessly plug his Ryan Seacrest Distinction suit line for all to see.

All we have to say is, better have been a pretty, pretty funny one, Ripa. 

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