Windsor Castle and Other Royal Palaces Will Start Reopening for the First Time Since March

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It’s been more than three months (119 days but we’re not counting *sob*) since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down, well, basically everything across the world. But here’s a little good news: Many of the royal palaces and heritage sites will finally begin reopening this month.

According to its website, Windsor Castle—where Harry and Meghan were married in 2018—will reopen on July 23. While Buckingham Palace and Prince Charles’s London residence will remain closed until further notice, the Royal Mews and Queen’s Galleries at the palace (as well as those at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland) will open.

Social distancing is still in effect, so capacity for visitors will be at a minimum (and the venues are all recommending buying tickets in advance). A statement from a spokesperson at the Royal Collection Trust said that “for the foreseeable future, lower visitor numbers can be accommodated within a five-day-week opening at all sites.” The sites will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been self-isolating at Windsor Castle during the pandemic. Most recently, her Majesty had the castle lit up with bright blue lights as a sign of support to NHS healthcare workers who are currently helping to fight coronavirus. ‪“We join together in a moment of remembrance and reflection for those who have lost their lives during the pandemic and pay tribute to the healthcare professionals, keyworkers and volunteers working for and in support of the NHS,” an Instagram post read.

We imagine the lucky folks planning to visit are pretty excited. We’ll just be here across the pond, admiring from afar.

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