The Royal Family’s Christmas Day Meal Features a Menu for the Corgis (Of Course)

corgi menu

During the holidays, the royal family makes sure everyone is taken care of——including their four-legged friends. 

In a recent interview with Yahoo Style UK, Darren McGrady, one of Queen Elizabeth II’s former chefs, opened up about the family’s holiday meal traditions at Sandringham, including the menu for the dogs. He revealed that so much work goes into the Christmas Day meal that in the past, the British army has even loaded equipment and food onto army trucks for the big day.

“I remember the fruit and vegetable supplier: he would have six or 10 cases of pears and we would look [at] them and chose the 12 we wanted,” Darren said. “I thought, ‘This is what it’s all about, using the best ingredients.’” Wow. 

According to Darren, the after-church meal involves “so much food” including two dozen turkeys (about 30 pounds each), roast potatoes, boar’s head, foie gras and Christmas pudding.

And while all that work doesn’t particularly surprise us, it was the mention of the royal pups’ menu that caught our attention. Yup, the dogs even have their own special treats on “the royal corgi’s menu.”

The royal family is currently in Sandringham, where they will celebrate Christmas. They will all attend church in Norfolk on Christmas morning, where Charlotte and George are expected to join for the first time. Prince Louis has a few more years to go before his first attendance. 

However, according to Buckingham Palace, Meghan and Harry will be absent from the public walk to church on Christmas morning and instead will be spending it with the duchess’s mother, Doria, in the United States. 

We need to see this corgi menu, asap.