Robert Pattinson Shot His Own Cover Photo for GQ Magazine from His London Apartment

While the average person is currently unable to perform normal tasks such as going to work, traveling or visiting friends, the same (of course) goes for celebrities. And this includes Robert Pattinson, who actually took it upon himself to shoot his own cover for a major magazine. We’re serious.  

While isolating inside his apartment in London (the epicenter of Europe’s coronavirus outbreak), the Twilight actor, who is also celebrating a birthday today, shot the cover for next month’s issue of GQ. 

So, how does one go about this? Well, for Pattinson, the shoot included a lot of self-timers and selfies. One image included in the issue captures the actor seated in the corner of a living room surrounded by cereal and HP brown sauce (interesting), while another depicts the star slouched on a chair while holding a bottle of beer. The winning snap? A mirror selfie. Who knew selfies and magazine covers would go hand in hand?

As far as the interview goes, the 34-year-old star sat down with writer Zach Baron via FaceTime. During their chat, Pattinson opened up about his latest role as Batman and his life in quarantine, which consists of eating tuna out of the can with Tobasco sauce and googling ways to microwave pasta (yes, you read that correctly). As far as his fitness is concerned, there really isn’t much of that going on. “Literally, I’m just barely doing anything,” he said. And we feel that. 

Happy birthday, Rob, and keep the selfies coming!