‘Riverdale’ Chapter Forty-Nine Recap: Who’s Feeling Lucky?

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Two weeks ago, Riverdale left us with far too many questions about Alice’s (Mädchen Amick) involvement with The Farm. And now, with Luke Perry’s incredibly sad and untimely passing, the popular series returned to The CW with a brand-new episode that proves Veronica (Camila Mendes) is finally taking control of Hiram (Mark Consuelos) and Gladys (Gina Gershon). 

Here’s what went down in Chapter Forty-Nine of Riverdale, titled “Fire Walk with Me.”

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The episode picks up right where we left off in Chapter Forty-Eight, with Alice trying to sell the Cooper family home. Betty (Lili Reinhart) does what any teenager would do and tries to sabotage the entire process. You know, like highlighting the fact that a serial killer—aka her dad, Hal (Lochlyn Munro)—used to reside there.

To top it off, Betty can’t escape The Farm. At school, she gets ignored by Kevin (Casey Cott), who is the cult’s newest member. When she confronts him, he calls her a “detractor” before demanding she leave him alone. Rude.

Evelyn (Zoé De Grand Maison), on the other hand, is a whole different story, considering her obsession with The Farm is at an all-time high. When Betty tries to oust The Farm in an article, Evelyn stops her by threatening to publicize her “dirty secrets”—like the dead body she helped get rid of.

Back at the house, Alice announces what we all saw coming: It’s been sold to an “anonymous buyer.”

veronica at la bonne nuit
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Meanwhile, Veronica still owes her dad a lot of money. (We’re talking millions.) She enlists Reggie (Ross Butler) to help her turn her speakeasy, La Bonne Nuit, into an undercover casino, since it worked so well last time.

After hiring the Pretty Poisons to help with security, Gladys shows up out of nowhere, drinks way too much booze and performs a song before getting kicked out by the girl gang.

This prompts Veronica to lay down the ground rules: no parents allowed unless otherwise specified.

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Diyah Pera/The CW


Elsewhere, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) is trying to manage the Serpents, which gained several new members thanks to his mom, Gladys. The problem? One of the former Gargoyles, Kurtz (Jonathan Whitesell), picked a fight with the Pretty Poisons and stole gear from the school’s chemistry lab, putting a target on the Serpents’ back. 

When another Gargoyle nearly kills Fangs (Drew Ray Tanner), Jughead reaches his breaking point. He turns to his dad, F.P. (Skeet Ulrich), for advice. They devise a plan to “deputize” the Serpents, making them the unofficial peacekeepers of Riverdale, and we can already tell this is a bad idea.

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Archie is still obsessed with his nonexistent boxing career. While at the gym, he finds a secret cubby with a young orphan named Ricky living inside. Although he bolts when Josie (Ashleigh Murray) brings up child protective services, Ricky assures Archie that he’s not on the run. Instead, he left the shelter after getting bullied by a group of older kids.

They even branded him with the same mark that Archie has, so Archie takes him under his wing. He lets him sleep in the garage, teaches him how to box and even gives him his Riverdale letterman jacket.

Of course, things take an interesting turn when Archie receives a call from a social worker, who reveals that Ricky’s real name is Ricardo De Santos—as in, Joaquin’s (Rob Raco) brother.

Just then, Ricky grabs a knife and points it at Archie. It turns out he was playing him all along. When he lunges at Archie and slashes him, Fred (Luke Perry) interrupts and saves the day, prompting Ricky to run off. He left nothing but a Griffin & Gargoyles card that says “Kill the Red Paladin” (aka Archie).

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Diyah Pera/The CW

The Conclusion

The episode concludes with a brief—yet important montage. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Veronica informs both Hiram and Gladys that they aren’t allowed in La Bonne Nuit without written consent.
  • Archie realizes that his branding mark means he’s labeled for death.
  • Betty is dabbling with The Farm…or so it seems. After appearing to complete the ritual by holding her hand over an open flame, she meets up with the gang.
  • Alice returns home to find the living room on fire.
  • The episode concludes with an “in memoriam” tribute for Perry.

Guess that “anonymous buyer” is off the hook after all. Riverdale returns to The CW next Wednesday, March 13, at 8 p.m.


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