Reese Witherspoon Busts a Move on Instagram to Celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth

Our imaginary bestie Reese Witherspoon showed off her MC Hammer moves on social media earlier today as she took part in a dance challenge to celebrate Women’s History Month. 

The fun challenge was started by costume designer and 2019 Oscar winner Ruth E. Carter. The fashionista posted on her own social media account earlier this month, calling on celebrities to “have some fun for the rest of #WomensHistoryMonth and show the world when women unite anything is possible.”

The Black Panther costume designer shared a video of herself dancing to Beyoncé’s Run the World (Girls). She then nominated stars Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union and Angela Bassett, among others, to upload a video of themselves dancing and/or lip syncing to their favorite Women’s Empowerment Song. Berry did exactly that (to Destiny’s Child’s Survivorand nominated Witherspoon. 

The Big Little Lies star captioned the video: “Stop! Hammer time! This challenge was started by @therealruthecarter to celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth. I’m busting a move for equality, parity, safety and inclusion of all women. Whether we fight the good fight with our voices, our actions or our dance moves, we are in this together!”

Posting for a good cause and a chance to see one of our favorite celebrities show off her dance moves? Now, that’s a challenge that we can definitely get on board with. 

The star then wrote that she wanted to “keep the fun going” and nominated Mindy Kaling, Zoë Kravitz and Eva Longoria to take part in the challenge. Honestly, we can’t wait to see what those ladies choose to dance to.

As for us, our feminist anthem would probably be Shania Twain’s Man I Feel Like a Woman. We’re here for you if you need any suggestions, Mindy.

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