Melissa McCarthy Just Gave Out an Oscar with a Rabbit Puppet on Her Hand and We’re Here for It

We were a little worried when we learned there would be no host for this year’s Academy Awards, but it looks like the presenters for each of the awards are really stepping up their game to make up for the lack. However, no offense to Tina, Amy and Maya, but Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry just set the bar high for most hilarious presentation of the night.

To announce the award for Best Costume Design, McCarthy and Henry combined elements from all the nominated films into two of the greatest outfits the Oscars has ever seen (no offense, Cher).

There was a ruffled collar for Mary Queen of Scots, the signature hat and cape from Mary Poppins Returns, dotted facial markings inspired by Black Panther, fringed cowboy boots for The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and, of course, a slew of rabbit children hot on McCarthy’s tail as a nod to The Favourite

And once McCarthy was able to get her assistant bunnies together enough to get the envelope open, the award went to Ruth E. Carter for her work on Black Panther.



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