Reese Witherspoon Shares Vid of Her Son Feeding Her Dogs Peanut Butter—& His Laugh Is Contagious

Reese Witherspoon is continuing to provide us with the very best content during quarantine and her latest Instagram video has us laughing along with her son (and craving a PB&J). 

Over the weekend, the 44-year-old actress shared footage of her son, Tennessee James Toth, feeding spoonfuls of peanut butter to their family dogs. The video comes as part of Goldie Hawn’s viral “laugh challenge,” in which individuals share videos of themselves or others laughing in an effort to spread positive vibes during these difficult times. 

#LaughingChallenge accepted, @goldiehawn! I think we all benefited from this one...Laughter really is the best medicine, y’all!” Witherspoon captioned the post. “And maybe so is peanut butter?” We would totally agree. 

In the short video, we see the mother of three (looking very patriotic for Memorial Day) outside along with her three dogs and youngest son. The duo takes turns feeding each of the pooches some peanut butter off of gold spoons. And while we honestly could sit and watch these pups eat PB all day, it was the 7-year-old’s laugh that really had us smiling. 

The clip clearly served its purpose, so much so that Hawn even showed her love and appreciation in the comments section. “Reese my bundle of joy!! I adore and love you peanut butter and bull dogs, two of my passions!” she wrote. (Ours too). 

This is the kind of content we needed to start off the week.