Rebel Wilson’s Dating Horror Story Is Way Too Relatable

Like many of us, Rebel Wilson isn’t asking for too much in the love department. When we recently sat down with her to discuss her partnership with Match for its new “Let’s Make Love” campaign, we learned she wants what any gal wants: a normal guy who’s not a psychopath. Well, as many of us have experienced, that’s often harder to find than you’d think.

Reminiscing about terrible dates past, the 39-year-old Cats star opened up about the most awkward date she’s ever had and, wow, it was a real doozy.

“I haven’t had any shockingly bad dating experiences. I did have one though, where the person got really drunk and ran into a moving Uber. They didn’t hurt me, they just hurt themselves, but it was a bit crazy. Not a great date,” she said. Obviously, we had so many questions. For one, how did she react?

“Basically, it was the end of the date,” Wilson explained. “I was like, ‘OK, see ya.’ But I had left my sunglasses inside the building and I wanted to get [them] because they were expensive, and I didn’t want to leave them. So, I got my sunglasses and I got out of there. But what can you do?” In this case? Nothing.

Wilson was quick to say that she’s had friends who have had much worse experiences. One even went on a date with a guy who said he “loved to lick ladies’ armpits.” Gross. 

Drunken buffoons and armpit enthusiasts? Perhaps that’s why Match recently found in its annual Singles in America study that only 9% of singles want to date casually. When you risk running into characters like these, the stakes are high. 

You can watch Wilson’s Match campaign video below. Spoiler alert: She coins a new dating term called Mermaiding that we may have to steal.  


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