Did Rachel Bilson Just Come Up with the Best ‘Bachelor’ Drinking Game?

Like us, Rachel Bilson is a proud fan of Bachelor Nation and she doesn’t care who knows it. And while the 37-year-old Hart of Dixie alum isn’t always able to stay up to speed with the Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise drama, she does have an idea of how to capitalize on it. Hint: Bubbly is involved.

When we spoke with Bilson yesterday about her La Marca Prosecco partnership, in honor of National Prosecco Day, she admitted that she doesn’t have viewing parties with friends. But, if she did, she would definitely play a drinking game.

“I think it’s fun to play the games people do, like every time a person says whatever the word of the season is, you could incorporate it and have a fun game with your friends,” Bilson explained. “I unfortunately normally watch it when my daughter is going to sleep, and I have to watch it quickly so I can go to sleep. But [a viewing party] sounds way more fun.” We agree.

Some examples of words or phrases that would work well? How about “right reasons” or “windmill” in the case of Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette? When you hear the word, you drink. Easy enough. 

As for Bilson’s thoughts on this season of Bachelor in Paradise? Well, she doesn't have any—at least not at this very moment.

“I haven’t started yet because I like to download them and watch them by myself on a plane. It’s me time, where I can just binge. I’m really looking forward to it,” Bilson said referencing the flight to Los Angles she was set to take later that day.

Wouldn’t you know, during said flight she ran into former OC co-star Adam Brody at the airport. Had they been on the same plane they could have had a makeshift viewing party of their own.

Talk about missed Bachelor Nation opportunities. 


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